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Calm Reflection

Calm Reflection, 38 x 45 inches, by O.V. Brantley, 2009.

I think one of the most important character traits of a mediator or a hearing officer is the ability to remain calm when chaos is swirling all around you.  

Calm Reflection is a quilt I made to remind me to maintain a calm spirit. Although this quilt was purchased by a collector, I think of it often. 

This quilt also reminds me to be patient. It was quilted by hand, which takes a very long time. Patience is valuable in mediations as well. When everyone is tired and ready to leave, having the fortitude to remain and try one last time is usually what gets the case resolved. 

Animated personalities work in some situations, but as for me, I think calm reflection works best.

Good Things Are Happening!

Good Things are Happening by O.V. Brantley, 2007

Sometimes I combine my two passions — quilts and mediations. I learned my mediation skills on the job in a daily environment of conflict as the  Fulton County Attorney. After all, moving a democracy forward requires consensus even in the largest, most diverse county in Georgia. While not always pleasant, helping to resolve conflicts to move Fulton County forward was fulfilling.

Good Things Are Happening is a quilt I made to document and preserve my Fulton County memories. It gets its name from a slogan made popular by my personal commissioner Bill Edwards. He was always upbeat and positive about the good things that were happening in South Fulton County.

Working through conflict can produce beautiful results.

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