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Today We Celebrate A Drum Major For Justice

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Today we celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His memorial is being dedicated today.

As a child in the segregated south, I experienced first hand the injustices Dr. King spent his life trying to correct. As an adult, I share in the fruits of his labor as a graduate of great schools and as a member of the middle class who has friends and co-workers of every hue. I have a daughter who only knows about segregation because it is in her history book.

Being able to witness first hand the arc of history from Brown v. Board of Education to President Barack Obama in the White House is truly amazing. On a smaller scale, being able to witness the accomplishments of the people I write about on this web site who are direct beneficiaries of Dr. King’s work,  is a daily joy.

Today is a good, good day. Celebrate!

Congrats to Congressman John Lewis

Congressman John Lewis receives Medal of Freedom from President Barack Obama


Congressman John Lewis was recently awarded the Presidential Medal  of Freedom. It was a poignant moment for people like me who are children of the Civil Rights Movement. Every day of my life I give thanks for courageous people like Congressman Lewis who followed a dream and made  all of us better. I am proud to live in his district.

In July of last year, Congressman Lewis received a quilt from the Brown Sugar Stitchers Quilt Guild (a guild of which I am proud to be a past president) to honor him for his distinguished service. Just shows that great minds think alike.

Beverly Harvard Nominated for U.S. Marshall

Beverly Harvard

 President Barack Obama recently nominated my friend and former client Beverly Harvard to the position of United States Marshall for the Northern District of Georgia. Ms. Harvard rose through the ranks of the Atlanta Police Department to ultimately become Chief.

For many of those years, our respective career paths intersected since I was the Senior City Attorney assigned to public safety matters.  I represented her in many matters including litigation, policy decisions and a myriad of personnel issues. During that time we also became friends and later “girlfriends”.

 Congratulations Beverly! The nomination is well deserved.

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