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Atlanta Gets Street Car Funding

With every urban development project comes conflict. Mayor Kasim reed announced this week that Atlanta has secured federal  funding for a streetcar that will make some of its historical spots on Auburn Avenue, such as the Martin Luther King Center, more accessible to tourists who normally may not get past Peachtree Street.

This is great for Atlanta, but the devil is always in the details. Let’s hope the stakeholders in this project will find a way to resolve conflict swiftly so that everyone is happy when it is time to take the inaugural ride.

Atlanta Goes Green

Mayor Kasim Reed

Mayor Kasim Reed plans for Atlanta to become one of the greenest cities in the nation. Yesterday, he unveiled a plan called Power to Change which will guide Atlanta toward its goal of becoming one of the top 10 sustainable cities in the nation. Mandy Mahoney, Director of Sustainability, will lead the city’s efforts.

“I believe the City of Atlanta should be a leading example of how a major urban municipality can take greater responsibility for efficient energy and water use, the conservation of green space, and the promotion of a healthier, cleaner and greener environment,” Mayor Reed said. “It is vital we take concrete, measurable actions around sustainability now to protect the future of our city.” 

With change comes conflict. Hopefully, the City will avail itself of mediation or other alternative conflict resolution processes  when conflict arises and not litigation.

Kudos to Mayor Reed!

Small World

African Starry Night by O.V. Brantley

Atlanta has always fancied itself an international city, but it was truly in rare form last week when it hosted the “Experience America” tour for visiting ambassadors. A welcoming reception was held at the  McKenna Long law firm, and many local dignitaries attended. I attended primarily so that I could continue to promote my mediation practice that focuses on local government issues.

Mayor Kasim Reed was on hand to welcome the ambassadors, and most of the Atlanta City Council was present, including City Council President Ceasar Mitchell. Attorney General Thurbert Baker and Police Chief George Turner were also there to welcome the international visitors to Atlanta. It was truly an inspiring evening as Atlanta sought to  build ties of friendship and business with other nations.

The evening was particularly poignant for me because the two loves of my life (quilting and mediating) intersected in a most unexpected way. A mere three days before the reception, the American Embassy in Quito, Ecuador purchased one of my handmade quilts for an upcoming exhibit. Imagine my surprise when I learned that the ambassador from Ecuador was at the reception. I was able to meet him as well as local staff members from the Ecuadorian  Embassy here in Atlanta.

The quilt that made such a memorable night possible is called African Starry Night. Apparently, it may serve as my introduction into international mediations as I plan a trip to Ecuador next year.

Mayor Kasim Reed Appoints Cathy Hampton as City Attorney

Cathy Hampton

Mayor Kasim Reed recently announced  Cathy Hampton is his choice to be  the next  City Attorney for the City of Atlanta. She must be confirmed by the City Council before she can begin her duties.

Ms. Hampton is a graduate of Spelman College and Harvard Law School. She was most recently the general counsel for RARE Hospitality International, Inc.

Having spent 16 years practcing law in the City Attorney’s Office before being appointed the Fulton County Attorney, I know Ms. Hampton will find her new position both exciting and fulfilling as she helps to shape the future of Atlanta. She will also have the opportunity to work with the finest legal community in the nation.


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