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What I Am Reading

We should never stop learning, and I love adding to my library. This week I am reading How to Make Money as a Mediator (and Create Value for Everyone) by Jeffrey Krivis and Naomi Lucks.

Whatever your profession, it is good to talk to those who have done it successfully. If you cannot talk to them in person, getting advice from a book is the next best thing. 

How to Make Money as a Mediator (and Create Value for Everyone) has advice and tips on how to build a successful practice  from 30 top mediators. It is available on Amazon in traditional book format and on Kindle.

Read My Blog on Kindle

You can now subscribe to this blog on Kindle!  That way you will never miss a post as I promote the virtues of alternative dispute resolution and post news that is of interest to the legal profession.

The subscription fee is $1.99 per month.  Just search Overtis Hicks Brantley to find it.

As a book lover, I must admit I absolutely love my Kindle. I hope that as time goes on, there will be more books on mediation, school law and other professional topics that interest me, that can be read on Kindle.  I feel like I am doing my part by publishing this blog.

Making Mediation Your Day Job

When I first started practicing law over 30 years ago, I purchased a book called How to Go Directly Into Solo Law Practice Without Missing a Meal by Gerald M. Singer.  It was my Bible of sorts during my first five years of practice.  I still have it in my library.

When I became a certified mediator, I purchased Making Mediation Your Day Job by Tammy Lenski. I found it immensely helpful and I recommend it to new and old mediators alike. It is now available on Kindle.

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