My Skills Summary

My legal career as a Deputy City Attorney for the City of Atlanta exposed me to a wide range of legal issues. During my 16-year career with the City of Atlanta Law Department, I litigated hundreds of cases, primarily in federal court dealing with discrimination and constitutional torts.

My service as the Chief Legal Officer for Fulton County, GA, the largest, most diverse county in Goergia,  honed my mediation skills as I guided a diverse Board of Commissioners toward complex policy solutions. It also exposed me to an even broader range of legal issues.

After serving eight years as the Fulton County Attorney, I retired and became a certified mediator. I joined Henning Mediation and Arbitration Service where I mediated a variety of cases for three years before starting my own mediation firm.

In addition to my certification as a mediator, I am a licensed member of the Georgia Bar and a graduate of Vanderbilt Law School.

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