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March Madness — Are You on the Team?

March MadnessWe are in the throes of March Madness, and I love every minute of it. It’s exciting, unpredictable and fun! More importantly, the lessons on the court are  applicable to our work lives.

Are you part of the team, or are you a ball hog? Are you part of the team, or do you throw your co-workers under the bus? Are you part of the team, or do you seek all the glory?

As you enjoy March Madness, commit to being part of the team.

Newell Named General Counsel For Invest Atlanta

Rosalind Newell

Rosalind Newell

Rosalind Rubens Newell was recently named General Counsel for Invest Atlanta. Before joining Invest Atlanta, Rosalind was Of Counsel at McKenna Long after  having served  in the City of Atlanta Law Department for many years.

One of Rosalind’s first duties at Invest Atlanta  is to make sure our beloved Atlanta Falcons get a new home. She will collaborate with countless bond lawyers, City of Atlanta lawyers, and Falcon lawyers to make sure the deal to build a new stadium comes together. Her work is definitely in the “You Go Girl” category!

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