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Brantley Appointed Interim City Attorney of East Point

The Mayor and Council of the City of East Point appointed me to served as Interim City Attorney. Nina Hickson, the former City Attorney, was appointed Interim City Manager in January.

This appointment is temporary, and I expect it to last no longer than July 1, 2012. The City will not need my services full-time, so I will maintain my local government practice.

I am deeply humbled by the confidence the Mayor and City Council have placed in me. I am looking forward to my next adventure in public service.

Best Lawyers

I am grateful that I am listed as one of Georgia’s best municipal lawyers  in the 2012 edition of  Georgia’s Best Lawyers .

Thank you to everyone who said something good about me!

Try Mediation For Employee Grievances

Recently I mediated several disputes between employees and their supervisors. I think more employers should use mediation to resolve employee grievances.

Almost every business has a grievance procedure. However, most of these procedures focus on who is right and who is wrong. While conducting an investigation to find one person at fault may solve the problem of having appropriate personnel procedures should the company get sued, investigations and grievance procedures rarely create an atmosphere that allows employees to work together  harmoniously in the future.

Mediation can go farther than a grievance procedure or an investigation. It can get to the root of what is really bothering the employee and, possibly, come up with a more long-term solution. Sometimes the solution is an apology. Sometimes the solution is the ability to speak a truth to one employee that others have been unwilling to voice. Sometimes the solution is to listen and let someone vent.

Consider mediation if you want not only a resolved grievance, but a harmonious workplace.

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