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A Special Note to Law Moms

My daughter India is 20 years old today and a sophomore at the University of Pittsburgh. She is a happy, well adjusted young woman. That is the end of the story.

When I was appointed Fulton County Attorney, she was in the second grade. When she tells her life story, she  says without fail, “I was always the last one to be picked up from after school” seemingly trying to convey that she was scarred for life.

It is true. She often was the last one picked up from after school, and sometimes she was picked up by strangers. (Not really, but I had a lot of people on the authorized pick up list). We were fortunate that the after school teacher was very understanding, and she never penalized me for being on “working Mom” time when I was late.

I can’t lie. There were many days I worried that India would be scarred for life as I struggled with career and motherhood. I am sure you worry too.

Well, stop worrying! Kids are stronger than you think. Your kids will be fine, and deep down, they will be proud of your accomplishments!

Happy Birthday, India!

Did You Remember To Say Thank You?

Before we close the books on 2011, I must ask, “Did you remember to say thank you?’  Even the most gifted of  us cannot claim success based solely on our own efforts. There is always someone who helps.

Hopefully, during the holidays, you sent a note, a basket or an email to those who helped make you successful in 2011. While I am sure those who helped you did not expect any special thanks, taking the time to say thank you shows the type of grace and humility that others enjoy working with.

If the holidays got too hectic, and you did not get around to your thank you’s, it is not too late. Resolve today to send a note to clients, staff, mentors, family members and anyone else who helped you move forward in 2011. A simple thank you is powerful.

Always one to follow my advice, “thank you for reading my blog!”

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