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Today We Celebrate A Drum Major For Justice

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

Today we celebrate the life and work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. His memorial is being dedicated today.

As a child in the segregated south, I experienced first hand the injustices Dr. King spent his life trying to correct. As an adult, I share in the fruits of his labor as a graduate of great schools and as a member of the middle class who has friends and co-workers of every hue. I have a daughter who only knows about segregation because it is in her history book.

Being able to witness first hand the arc of history from Brown v. Board of Education to President Barack Obama in the White House is truly amazing. On a smaller scale, being able to witness the accomplishments of the people I write about on this web site who are direct beneficiaries of Dr. King’s work,  is a daily joy.

Today is a good, good day. Celebrate!

An Evening with NOBLE

APD Chief George Turner

There is nothing like being in the room with law enforcement officers to remind you what service is all about. Friday, the Georgia Chapter of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) held its annual awards banquet. I was the guest of Attorney Rory Starkey.

Having been a police lawyer for many years, it was somewhat like a reunion for me. Former Mayors Andrew Young and Shirley Franklin, both of whom I served while in the Atlanta Law Department (Mayor Young while Mayor and Mayor Franklin while CEO), inspired the crowd with their words about public service. Atlanta Police Department Chief George Turner was on hand to welcome his colleagues from around the state.

As lawyers and citizens, we tend to focus on the small number of encounters with law enforcement officers that go wrong. We forget to be grateful for public servants who are willing to stand between us and chaos for very little money. I know first hand how hard law enforcement can be.  I was honored to be in that room.

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