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Earl Warren Scholars Gather

Last night, alumni of the  NAACP Legal Defense Fund scholarship programs gathered to honor the 2011 scholarship recipients. Alumni of both the Earl Warren Scholarship and the Lehman Scholarship were in attendance. I received an Earl Warren Scholarship in 1975 which helped me attend Vanderbilt Law School.

It feels really weird to be a walking history lesson, but that is what it felt like to be in that room. Those scholarships really made a difference when a difference needed to be made.

The NAACP Legal Defense Fund is making a concerted effort to locate and connect past scholarship recipients with each other. Cynthia Burt is chair of the effort to raise funds so that the scholarships can continue. If you receive a letter from her, please respond positively.

If you are an Earl Warren Scholar or a Lehman Scholar, please visit the NAACP Legal Defense Fund website and become an active participant with this amazing group of people. Find out what you can do to help the next generation of scholars.

See The Green Book at Theatrical Outfit

Many of us became lawyers because we wanted to right injustice. Sometimes that is easy to forget in the drive to get ahead or just to stay afloat. However, The Green Book,  a wonderful play now showing at the Balzer Theater at Herrens on Luckie Street, is s jolting reminder that we must all do our part to fight injustice wherever it appears.

I had never heard of the The Green Book until I went to see the play of the same name by Calvin Alexander Ramsey at Theatrical Outfit. The Green Book is a book published from 1947 until 1964 that listed safe places for African-Americans to get food and lodging while traveling during the Jim Crow era. It is an eye-opening and thought-provoking play.

The production has been extended until September 25th. See it if you can. It may remind you of why you became a lawyer.

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