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City and County Attorneys Gather in Athens

City and County Attorneys will gather in Athens, Georgia September 8, 2011, for the 58th Institute for City and County Attorneys. The two-day program includes a broad array of subjects of interest to city and county attorneys.

The Georgia Municipal Association (GMA) and the Association of County Commissioners of Georgia (ACCG) will update participants on recent laws passed by the legislature. The program also includes updates on emerging trends and provides participants with an opportunity to network with colleagues from around the state.

The Thursday night reception is always a big hit because it provides an opportunity to seek informal advice from colleagues in a relaxed setting. I look forward to seeing you there.

Stop Talking!

I have spent a lot of time this summer in hearings and mediations. If I had forgotten, spending so much time in problem solving settings has reminded me to shut up and listen!

As a group, we lawyers love to hear ourselves talk.  We take classes in law school designed to hone our oratorical skills. However, I can’t remember a single “listening” class in law school. Can you?

The most effective and successful lawyers know how to listen intently because listening is the key to problem solving.  Are you a good listener?


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