Do You Have a Clientzilla On Your Hands?

Most people think that it is  the lawyer who  makes the decisions involving a case. This is true because most people who hire a lawyer do so because they trust the lawyer’s wisdom and expertise, and they allow the lawyer,  in consultation with them, of course, to make the decisions. However, every now and then a lawyer gets a clientzilla. A clientzilla is a client who is stubborn, headstrong and refuses to listen to advice.

Lawyers who find themselves in such a situation should consider mediation. Often, a mediator can talk to the client in a way that the lawyer cannot. The mediator can tell the client some hard truths that the lawyer cannot. Sometimes the mediator can find a nice way to tell clientzilla that he is being unreasonable and rude.

Consider mediation when you have a clientzilla on your hands.

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