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Win is What We Do

Win is What We Do by O.V. Brantley, 2007.

I always tried to instill in my staff that it is possible to win without being angry, to win while having fun, and to win while having balance in your life.

Win is What We Do was the last signature quilt I made for my staff at the Fulton County Attorney’s Office. Each staff member signed a block.

This quilt is part of my personal collection of heirloom quilts. It serves as a reminder that winning with joy is far better than winning wth anger.

Why Are Lawyers So Angry?

Do they teach a course in law school called “How to be¬†Angry All the Time?” Sometimes it seems so. They definitely do not teach anger management or civility. I suppose they think it is encompassed in the Professionalism course, but if so, the lawyers are not getting it.

Many lawyers just seem mad all the time. They refuse to agree on the smallest things as if disagreement is a measure of smarts or success. Will being disagreeable change the facts of your case? No!! Will being disagreeable change the law that is applicable to your case? No!!

Lawyers, please stop being angry when it is not necessary. Do not be disagreeable when there is no point. Do not kick your dog, and do not be mean to your colleagues or adversaries.

Some of the most brilliant, successful lawyers I know are civil and agreeable. Join the club.

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