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Cities and Counties Must Mediate Service Delivery Disputes

Dealing with local governments and the people who run them is my specialty. I happen to be very good at working with people with a very large sense of self and purpose. This is a special skill set acquired by working with elected officials for over 25 years in the City of Atlanta Law Department and as the Fulton County Attorney.

The Georgia Service Delivery Strategy Act requires cities and counties to reach agreement on how services will be delivered to citizens so that there is no duplication of services. In the event the parties cannot agree, the law requires that the parties mediate.

The Georgia  Department of Community Affairs maintains a  list of mediators who are available for this very specialized type of mediation.  As a certified mediator with a stong background in local government issue, I am proud to be on that list.   

If your city or county is about to mediate your service delivery agreement, please contact me if you need a mediator.

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