Cell Towers are Perfect Subjects For Mediation

Enjoying that new IPhone or fuming about dropped calls? We love our technology but hate the towers that bring us the convenience of being in contact 24/7. No one seems to want a cell tower in their back yard. Almost nothing can pack an assembly hall with mad constituents like a proposed cell tower.

The Telecommunications Act and applicable case law provide a broad outline of the law governing the construction and placement of cell towers. However, cell tower litigation should be considered a prime candidate for mediation. In fact, mediation can help even before the issues reach litigation. Perhaps the cell tower can be moved a few feet in a way that makes it more discreet. Maybe it can be camouflaged. Maybe there is a different location altogether that the cell tower company has not considered. Maybe there is some community outreach that can be done to bring the parties closer together.

We  hate cell towers. We hate dropped calls. That is why cell towers are perfect subjects for mediation.

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